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Syllabus PE 2016-2017.docx Syllabus PE 2016-2017.docx
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PE Standards Binder rubric.docx PE Standards Binder rubric.docx
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Please use the Ohio Department of Education websites updated Physical Education Standards 9-12 evaluations if you cannot find what you are looking for
PE Assessment Data Get to Know me.docx PE Assessment Data Get to Know me.docx
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fg-calculator.xlsx fg-calculator.xlsx
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PACER-Mile  Scoresheet.docx PACER-Mile Scoresheet.docx
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One Mile Walking Test.docx One Mile Walking Test.docx
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The State of Ohio now has an Evaluation tool based on the physical education standards.  Students earn advanced, proficient, or limited  for each of the 12 standards which is then reported to the state.  Check out the tool on the ODE website or click on the link below.
Mrs U PE philosophy.docx Mrs U PE philosophy.docx
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Swimming Rules for Northview.doc Swimming Rules for Northview.doc
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